Magic Cat Academy 2

Magic Cat Academy 2

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Magic Cat Academy 2

Magic Cat Academy 2

Momo has returned to Magic Cat Academy 2 with a brand new game where she must jump into the water with her new friends in order to help them in their battle against Big Boss. When a level's checkmark is displayed, or in Level 5, when the skip cutscene button is shown for the final cutscene, the timer stops. The "Draw" button is the start of time. It is no longer visible.

This is a delightful sequel to Magical Cat Academy Halloween 2016! Momo, the cat, will take on Big Boss, the ghost, and his gang of ghouls under the sea to make new friends and discover new depths. This time, we're diving into the darkest depths of the ocean! Momo must save the underwater animals the ghost horde has taken!

How to play

  • The player must create forms that correspond to the ghosts' shapes in order to kill them. Those drawings are: -, |, v, ^, thunder and tornado. 
  • An array of ghosts on the screen will be obliterated by summoning thunder.
  • To regain energy, make a heart shape.

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