Slender Multiplayer
Slender Multiplayer

Slender Multiplayer

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Slender Multiplayer

Slender Multiplayer is a thrilling game where you and up to seven others venture into the eerie Slenderman forest. As a survivor, your mission is to collect all eight pages to escape and break free from the curse that binds you. However, if you take on the role of Slenderman, your objective is to eliminate all the survivors. You can enjoy the game in Singleplayer mode or join the excitement of multiplayer with lobbies accommodating up to eight players. Additionally, you have the choice to play against a CPU-controlled Slenderman or face off against another player.

Game Controls 

General Controls

  • Use the WASD keys to move around.
  • Press Tab or Esc to toggle the Options Menu.
  • Press 1-5 to access the emote list in the lobby.
  • Use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to switch between players when spectating (if you are dead or spectating).

Survivor Controls

  • Press E to interact with pages and bodies.
  • Hold E to charge your flashlight.
  • Press F to toggle your flashlight on or off.
  • Hold Shift to sprint.

Slenderman Controls

  • Press E to teleport to the location of your mouse cursor (cannot teleport over a player).
  • Walk over players to increase static on their screen.
  • Gain speed as you collect more pages.

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