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Be the last surviving slime in the! Your goal is to eat as many crystals as possible to grow bigger and absorb smaller slimes. Unlock special skills like dashing and dividing to move faster. However, remember that as you grow bigger, your movement will become slower. Be strategic and eat smaller slimes while avoiding getting eaten by larger ones. 

Move your slime using the mouse and devour other slimy things to increase your size. Target smaller slimes to eliminate them, but be careful to avoid larger slimes that can devour you. As you grow bigger, you'll unlock new abilities like dashing and dividing. Keep in mind that using these abilities will decrease your mass, making you smaller. Good luck surviving for as long as possible, climbing the rankings, and most importantly, having a great time playing this unique game!

Game Controls

To play online, simply interact with the game and drag your mouse to move your slime.

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