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see more is an exciting multiplayer game where you compete against other players in a petri dish. The objective is to keep your cell alive and help it grow larger. The more you grow, the more cells you can devour that are controlled by other players.

How To Play

At the beginning, it's important to play it safe and avoid larger cells. But as your own cell grows, you can start taking control and devouring smaller cells, leading to your own feeding frenzy! You can even personalize your cell with a cool logo or creative design to intimidate your opponents or make them laugh!

The game follows two simple rules: 

  • You can only consume cells that are smaller than you to evolve further. 
  • You must stay away from larger objects or else you'll meet your demise. 

Explore the grid, capture the tiny blurs of color, eat and grow, split and multiply, and dominate the world.

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