Soccer Legends
Soccer Legends

Soccer Legends

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Soccer Legends

Welcome to the exciting world of Soccer Legends! With simple but engaging arcade gameplay, this game promises to keep you there all day. If you are a sports enthusiast, you definitely cannot miss this soccer-themed game. The king sport attracts the attention of many fans around the world with dramatic experiences in each match.

Understand the Game Rules

In this game, you will play the role of a professional player; who knows, maybe there is your idol. The goal is to score more goals than your opponent within 90 seconds. After the first 45 seconds, you will have time off to adjust your strategy or make necessary changes.

Soccer Legends has two main game modes: single-player and two-player. In each mode, you can choose between tournament or friendly matches. In addition, players can also participate in quick matches to practice and master their control skills.

Maneuver Your Soccer Stars

  • Single-player: You use the arrow keys or WASD to navigate your character's movements. The X key will be used to kick the ball, and the Z key will be used to perform a supershot after a period of recharging.
  • Two-player: Player 1 (the left side) uses WASD, V, and B keys. Meanwhile, Player 2 (the right side) uses the arrow keys, K, and L keys.

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