The Temple series takes you on an extraordinary journey through intricate obstacles and immersive environments, each with its own unique theme and challenges. From the very first level, Geometry Dash Water Temple, to the subsequent installments, this series has captivated players worldwide with its stunning visuals, intricate gameplay mechanics, and captivating soundtracks. Each level within the Temple series offers a distinct experience, transporting players into enchanting realms inspired by various themes. Whether you find yourself traversing underwater depths, navigating fiery landscapes, or exploring ancient ruins, the Temple series ensures that no adventure is alike.

Michigun's Temple series:

The unofficial levels:

  • Geometry Dash Temple of Time by DavJT
  • Geometry Dash Gold Temple by Serponge
  • Snow Temple By Evasium & Gboy
  • Blood Temple By Spectra
  • Arachnid Temple By Viprin
  • Cyber Temple By Havok & GironDavid
  • Mario Temple By Davjt123
  • Crytal Temple By BgGames & The Kris
  • Ocean Temple By Sharks
  • Chinese Temple By EDSCubicPlayer