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see more is an exciting multiplayer survival game where you enter a tribal world. Your mission is to establish and expand your village, gather resources, and compete against other players to become the strongest tribe.

How To Play

In, you start with a small tribe and limited resources. Your objective is to grow your territory, construct buildings, and gather resources to strengthen your tribe. As you progress, you can recruit more members and engage in battles against rival tribes.

Strategic planning is key in Manage your resources wisely, upgrade buildings, and research new technologies to unlock advanced units and defenses. Forge alliances with other players or engage in intense battles to dominate the tribal landscape.

Game Controls

  • Movement: Use WASD keys.
  • Jump: Press the Space Bar.
  • Main action: Left-click the mouse.
  • Use microphone: Press the T key.
  • Open inventory: Press the Tab key.
  • Use text chat: Press Enter.
  • Build menu: Right-click the mouse.

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