Geometry Dash Amplification

Geometry Dash Amplification

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Geometry Dash Amplification

Geometry Dash Amplification

Geometry Dash Amplification is a Hard level rated 5 stars and 3 user coins, created by Berkoo. It is the Ice Gauntlet's first level. The entire level features a light-blue color theme.


  • 0–17%: The level starts with a basic cube section with a wave section in the middle. Here, all the player has to do is jump from platform to platform and hit all the orbs. At the start of this section is an LDM key that you don't have to use.
  • 18–27%: The player then goes through a double-speed ship sequence with saw-blade obstacles and a few changes in speed and gravity. Next is a short, double-speed mini-UFO section with few obstacles, followed by a double-speed wave section with the same level of difficulty.
  • 28–38%: After that, the player goes through a double-speed robot segment with a couple of simple jump orb timings, then a ship sequence with one gravity change.
  • 39–55%: After this, there is a normal-speed ball segment with simple timings with and without orbs. Next is a very short robot segment that only has simple jumps and no orbs. Instead, it uses saw blades as both obstacles and decorations.
  • 56.73%: After this, the player moves on to a pretty hard mini-cube section with more simple jumps and a few random auto sections.
  • 74–100%: The player then goes through an easy normal-speed ship segment, which is followed by a very short cube segment with one yellow orb timing and a simple UFO segment. The next part is a half-speed ship sequence with a few spike pillars and saw-blade obstacles. This is followed by an easy wave section and a short ship sequence. Finally, the player moves into one last normal-speed cube section where they can grab a "Michigun Mode" key and must jump over one last set of triple spikes.

You may try one of the other Ice Gauntlet levels, such as Carnation or Polihedral.

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