Geometry Dash Carnation

Geometry Dash Carnation

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Geometry Dash Carnation

Geometry Dash Carnation

Geometry Dash Carnation is a harder level rated 6 stars and 3 user coins, created and published by IlhamAulia. This is the third stage of the Ice Gauntlet, after Skyward and before GeoBound. Carnation receives a lot of appreciation for both its graphics and playability.


  • 0-21%: The level begins with a well-timed cube segment. Then, it switches to a small ship part, a robot, a ball, a UFO, and a cube, all in sync, until a dark transition.
  • 22-45%: This section begins with a symmetrical dual cube and soon becomes asymmetrical. A ship segment and a ball section follow. The next few portions feature half-speed portals before speeding up.
  • 46–69%: After a cube portion with a few leaps, the game transitions to a synchronized UFO, a brief robot, and another cube. The level fades to white and shows the level's name and developer before dropping.
  • 70-100%: The descent is triple-speed until the finish, beginning with a UFO, then a ship with gravity portals, a tight wave portion before transitioning into a cube, and ultimately a UFO. Then a ship segment, UFO, wave, and cube It becomes a ship, then a brief wave portion with "GG." After a brief autocue part, the conclusion screen states, "Dedicated to Ellixium, Xevenfurious, and Everyone!".

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