Geometry Dash Daydream
Geometry Dash Daydream

Geometry Dash Daydream

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Geometry Dash Daydream

Geometry Dash Daydream, created by Yendis, is an awesome Epic Extreme Demon level with a distinctive and challenging gameplay experience. It has received a high rating of 10 stars, showcasing its exceptional quality. The level's stunning visuals and smooth gameplay make it an overall great experience. Whether you're searching for a new hardest level or simply looking for a fun and enjoyable level to play, this level comes highly recommended.

Yendis' First Epic Extreme Demon Level

Geometry Dash Daydream marks Yendis' first venture into creating an Epic Extreme Demon level. It deviates significantly from the typical design and atmosphere of other levels at this difficulty. Instead of the usual red and black layout with minimal decoration, Geometry Dash Daydream presents a lighthearted and vibrant environment with appealing music. The block design is simple yet varied, harmonizing with the overall aesthetic. The backgrounds, while not overly complex, feature clean shapes and even incorporate smooth animations.

Author's Perspective

With 30,581 attempts, Geometry Dash Daydream stands as Yendis' personal hardest demon level and a solo extreme achievement. Creating this level was a fun but challenging process, as building extremes requires denser structures to maintain the desired difficulty. The level's theme aligns with its title, employing fantasy elements and vibrant colors to craft a happy and lively experience that defies the norm for levels of this difficulty. Yendis aimed to break away from the dark and intense atmosphere often associated with hard levels, opting for a more pleasant and enjoyable approach. The decorative aspects of the level turned out exceptionally well, leaving Yendis feeling proud of the final result.

Verification Challenges

The verification process for Geometry Dash Daydream was arduous. Yendis encountered numerous failures, including specific instances like 62 out of 63 attempts, 70 times at 14, 72 three times, 75 three times, 76, 77 three times, 78, 79, 80 three times, 88 three times, and 89 (with a playful note expressing disdain for anyone who manages to fluke it). The level demanded the highest number of attempts Yendis had ever spent on any level. However, despite the challenges, the satisfaction of playing the level after all those attempts was a positive sign. 

Yendis believes the difficulty surpasses that of Breakout and suggests it could be classified as a high legacy demon or low extended demon. It's worth mentioning that around 20,000 attempts were from an earlier, much harder and unbalanced version used during playtesting and level construction. The goal during the building process was to create a level harder than most entry-level extremes, making it an ideal choice for players seeking a challenge after attempting a few of those levels, particularly if they enjoy fast-flying and wave extremes.

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