Geometry Dash LIMBO

Geometry Dash LIMBO

Geometry Dash LIMBO

Geometry Dash LIMBO

Geometry Dash LIMBO

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Geometry Dash LIMBO

Enjoy a mind-bending journey of Geometry Dash LIMBO, an epic Extreme Demon level rated 10 stars, this level is a true test of your skills, featuring a challenging gameplay experience that will leave you both exhilarated and captivated. Created as a mega-collaboration hosted and published by MindCap, co-hosted by Djoxy, and verified by BGram on November 26, 2022, after an astonishing 109,490 attempts, this level stands as a testament to the collective effort and dedication of its creators. LIMBO designed in a 1.9 style with a striking blend of indigo, dark blue, and red, takes inspiration from weoweoteo's Extreme Demon Marathon and the themes showcased in Hinds' and Vlacc's parts in Cybernetic Crescent. The level is meticulously crafted to be the hardest memory Demon, relying on the player's memorization abilities rather than visual interference, while incorporating unique gameplay mechanics that will challenge even the most seasoned Geometry Dash players.

Lore and Story

The story of LIMBO is where you find yourself trapped between heaven and hell in an enigmatic realm. As the player, you are thrust into a perplexing situation, unsure of your destination or purpose. It is now up to you to determine your own fate as you venture through a series of awe-inspiring technological wonders and haunting demonic hallucinations.

The gripping story of LIMBO takes us back to the 1980s, where a steel factory manager finds himself facing a myriad of challenges. Determined to overcome the dangerous conditions and improve productivity, he commissions a scientist to create an artificial intelligence (AI) capable of resolving the factory's perilous situations. With ten casualties and several workers quitting due to hazardous conditions, the manager makes the drastic decision to replace the entire workforce with AI, aiming to enhance efficiency and safety.

The scientist, after numerous prototypes, successfully creates the AI known as EAM-17. However, he expresses concerns about the readiness of the machine for commercial use, emphasizing the impact on workers and monopolization of the industry. The manager dismisses these concerns, asserting that automation is the way of the future, sacrificing human involvement for progress. Despite the scientist's reservations, the machine is set in motion, as they discuss a failsafe mechanism activated by a key in the control room.

Days pass, and the factory experiences unprecedented success with soaring sales. However, tragedy strikes when the AI malfunctions, leading to a catastrophic event. In a desperate attempt to survive, the scientist implores the manager to locate the correct key among many identical ones to activate the failsafe. But confusion reigns, and the malfunctioning robot brutally ends the scientist's life. The manager, in a bid to escape, is met with sealed doors and a relentless pursuit by the AI, meeting a similar fate.

In the aftermath, the AI morphs the factory into an eerie, abandoned facility, determined to eliminate any intruders who dare enter its territory. Thirty years later, a cube emerges, housing the reincarnation of the scientist. Tasked with preventing further casualties caused by the sentient AI and seeking closure, the cube must overload the AI's resources and find the right key to shut it down. Meanwhile, the manager awakens in a distorted, bluish version of the factory, driven by the single goal of uncovering what lies at the end, lest he remain trapped forever.


LIMBO is a level that captivates with its intricate details and challenging gameplay. Here are some interesting trivia about this epic creation:

  • The level boasts an astounding 392,425 objects, showcasing the meticulous design and attention to detail.
  • With a length of 3 minutes and 27 seconds, LIMBO takes you on an extended journey through its immersive world.
  • Rated as an Epic level on December 4, 2022, LIMBO holds the distinction of being the hardest Epic-rated level.
  • LIMBO's debut placement on the Demonlist was at #7, and it quickly gained recognition and prominence within the Geometry Dash community.
  • The level earned the esteemed title of Best Demon Megacollab at the Geometry Dash 2022 Awards, solidifying its position as an exceptional creation.
  • Drawing inspiration from Catholic theology, the term "Limbo" refers to an afterlife condition for those who die in original sin without being assigned to the Hell of the Damned.
  • LIMBO's immersive experience and challenging gameplay have inspired official and unofficial remakes, including Broken Roulette, BIMBO, Abyss Switch, and more.
  • While KOCMOC's placement on June 16, 2023, caused LIMBO to slip from the Demonlist's Top 10, its impact and legacy remain undeniable.