Geometry Dash DeCodeX

Geometry Dash DeCodeX

Geometry Dash DeCodeX

Geometry Dash DeCodeX

Geometry Dash DeCodeX

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Geometry Dash DeCodeX

Geometry Dash DeCodeX by Rek3dge is a hard demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins. It is, as its name implies, a recreation of his well-known level, DeCode. This level was recreated in 2.0 and features a layout that is similar to DeCode. As a result, employing 2.0 textures, the entire design has significantly altered. A robot was substituted for the triple-speed cube portion, and a few moving obstacles were added, most notably the moving portals in the triple-speed UFO segment.


  • 0-8%: The level starts with a memory-based cube with easy timings.
  • 8-13%: Next, the player enters a ship with straight flying at double speed.
  • 13-18%: Then, there is a reverse gravity UFO section. The difficulty of this part is the same as in the original level, DeCode (without X).
  • 18-21%: This section is a short cube with a few slopes and two simple jumps.
  • 21-35%: This is a triple speed wave part that starts in reverse gravity but quickly changes to normal gravity. I also has a fake at 25%.
  • 35-48%: A ball section with memorization and timings.
  • 48-62%: Next comes a rather difficult robot part with triple speed and timings.
  • 62-70%: This part is an UFO with frequent changes of gravity.
  • 70-76%: A short and simple cube section with a half-speed portal near the end.
  • 76-83%: The player enters a half-speed wave in which the screen is dimmed. The size of the wave changes to mini near the end.
  • 83-89%: A ship with changes in gravity and size.
  • 89-91%: The player enters a short auto part as the ship.
  • 91-100%: The level ends with a memory-based mini-cube section. The author's nickname appears: "Rek3dge".

User coins

  • The first coin is at 6%. You must leap without striking a blue jump orb in order to collect it.
  • The ball portion, where the second coin is situated, is at 36%. Push off from a platform without striking the green jump orb.
  • The position of the third and final coin is 76%. You may get the currency by going up during the wave part. Be cautious because there will be a line on the ground where you might fall and perish.


  • At 80%, SoulsTRK crashed.
  • At 96%, RealGoldenDash collapsed.


  • There are 17,329 items in the level.
  • There are 1m 13s throughout the level.
  • After it was believed that Rek3dge left Geometry Dash after deleting his prior videos, this level seems to be an indication of his return.
  • Along with DeCode, Anaban also hacked DeCodeX, although both were eventually fixed.
  • This level was Demon #5 in Eric Van Wilderman's 2018 series, "12 Demons of Christmas."
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