Geometry Dash DeCode

Geometry Dash DeCode

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Geometry Dash DeCode

Geometry Dash DeCode

Geometry Dash DeCode is an Easy Demon level rated 10 stars created by Rek3dge. It is one of the most well-known Demons in the game. Though it was formerly regarded very tough owing to the novelty of the wave game system, it is still considered a challenging Easy Demon for most new players.


  • 0-10%: This level begins with a normal speed cube section which contains some very simple timings.
  • 10-24%: The level then transitions to a two-speed ship sequence which requires good straight flying skills. The level then switches to an easy upside down UFO segment. After a brief switch, the player goes through two more jumps before returning to a cube.
  • 24-36: This creates a double-speed wave segment that can be difficult for players.
  • 36-48%: After that, the level becomes a double speed ball segment with difficult timings. The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 flash up at the end of this section.
  • 48-76%: After the song has ended, the player switches to a triple speed cube section with a lot of fakes and difficult timings. The level transitions into an UFO section with frequent gravity changes. This section is challenging because it requires many well-timed clicks. The player then switches to a cube which is much more straightforward than the previous sections.
  • 76-84%: The player then transitions to a very slow, but still tight wave section.
  • 84-91%: The player switches to a half-speed sequence with gravity changes.
  • 91-100%: This section of DeCode is a normal-speed minicube with many easy-to-time jumps distributed over two "block mazes". The level ends with Rek3dge’s name.


  • The height is 1m 12s.
  • This level is the 17th most downloaded and 25th most loved Demon level.
  • The triple-speed gravity switching UFO segment, and the half speed wave segment are the most difficult parts of DeCode. Although the wave segment is not as difficult as the majority of the newer levels, it was extremely difficult at the time.
  • DeCode was one level TheMuteTroll used in exposing Geometry Dash hackers such as Noobas, in his famous video.
  • Anaban hacked DeCode and made him a free Demon, but he was eventually restored.
  • Flukester, an unknown creator, created a remake in 2.1 of the level FinalCode, which became the 24th Weekly Demon. Although it is easier than DeCode, the famous slow wave has frequent speed change, making it more difficult than DeCode's slow wave.
  • DeCodeX is a sequel to DeCode.
  • Noice is a player on the Geometry Dash Forums is so passionate about this level that he declared March 11, 2019, "International DeCode Day." The community was a big fan of this idea, and players celebrate the occasion each year.
    • RobTop seems to have acknowledged the existence of DeCode Day. He made DeCode the Weekly Demon March 11, 2021.

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