Geometry Dash Globe Navigation
Geometry Dash Globe Navigation

Geometry Dash Globe Navigation

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Geometry Dash Globe Navigation

Geometry Dash Globe Navigation is an exciting level created by Dhafin. It's a Hard level rated 4 stars and features 3 user coins. This level is part of the Electro Pack level set and holds the second position. Notably, it is the author's most popular creation.

A Visual Delight

This level showcases a classic design found in the easy tier 1.9 levels. The blocks have a standard appearance with a mix of black details and vibrant particles. The background changes color frequently, thanks to the Pulse triggers. While the gameplay itself is simple and somewhat repetitive, the level's visual effects make it visually appealing. Globe Navigation has a duration of 1 minute and 3 seconds.

Gameplay: A Journey through Different Stages

The level starts with a cube stage, where you'll need to navigate by jumping on pillars while avoiding contact with the saws. As the level progresses, you'll encounter sphere and trampoline jumps. A darkish inscription of "Globe Navigation" appears as you transition to the ship stage. During the ship stage, you'll navigate through spiked figures, platforms, and saws. The ball stage follows a similar pattern, featuring figures, saws, and trampolines with spheres.

The cube stage returns, with screen rotations and careful jumps on blocks to avoid spikes. Next, you'll face a wave stage, gliding through a jagged tunnel. In the double UFO stage, precise jumps near the blocks are required. To proceed to the cube stage again, you must avoid hitting the spiked wall. The cube stage involves jumping on ladders before transitioning back to the wave stage, where you slide around the figures. Finally, you'll face the last stage as a ship, flying through a spiked tunnel.

Coins Location and Collection Tips

There are three coins hidden throughout the level. Here's how to collect them:

  1. First coin (24%): Fly over the block to collect it.
  2. Second coin (50%): After jumping on the spheres, fall down to collect the coin.
  3. Third coin (97%): Fly carefully upwards to reach the "ceiling" of the level and collect the coin.

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