Geometry Dash GeoBound

Geometry Dash GeoBound

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Geometry Dash GeoBound

Geometry Dash GeoBound

Geometry Dash GeoBound is an epic Harder collaboration level rated 6 stars and 3 user coins, created and published by Axils/MoonSpark. This is the fourth level of the Ice Gauntlet series; it follows Carnation and comes before Polihedral.


0–22% (MoonSpark): The user is given the opportunity to grab the "auto wave" key and the instruction to "Play this in practice mode before playing." The game begins with cubes leaping on slopes while moving at half speed. The ship then transforms into a shorter vessel, this one with spiked cliffs. The pace settles back up to normal for a little mini-cube piece with platform jumps, and then it picks up again for a similarly brief UFO segment, this time at double speed. The ride then accelerates to triple speed and enters a blue pad portion with automatic controls right up to the plunge.

23–48% (Axils): The first portion of the drop, referred to as the "double-speed wave section," has a number of size variations and a drop of between 23 and 48% (Axils). The space is limited for a 6*, however, the "auto wave" key is available at no cost at the start of the level, so it's not a problem. With a few hops and orbs, it transforms into a little cube that operates on autopilot. Then it transforms into a sphere that moves along several sphere timings.Then, after a few grips, it transforms into an asymmetric dual cube part.

49–76% (MoonSpark): The action accelerates to x3 speed for a robot segment including enormous leaps and green orbs, a brief ship, and finally a little cube featuring a handful of hops. After then, the wave speeds up to twice as fast, turning into a click-and-hold action timed to the beat. After this, there is a ball portion with several different spheres and slopes, and the action speeds up to triple speed again. At its conclusion, this segment has a brief triple-speed cube with a few leaps, followed by an auto portal segment with a single orb leading to the next segment.

77–100% (Axils): At this point, you'll encounter a double-speed cube containing a number of orbs and portals, followed by a brief ship part set in a more enclosed tunnel-like region than the remainder of the level. The action then takes the shape of a ball, including a number of hops and orbs, until culminating in a cube—during which the credits for the game's development are shown.


  • A total of 18,827 items may be found in this stage.
  • The time limit for this stage is 1 minute, 3 seconds.
  • However, the only 2.1-specific features are the dash orb for the second coin and the D blocks in the wave, despite the game's debut in that version.

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