Geometry Dash GoldenClub
Geometry Dash GoldenClub

Geometry Dash GoldenClub

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Geometry Dash GoldenClub

Geometry Dash GoldenClub: A Challenging Adventure

Geometry Dash GoldenClub by Jeyzor is a Hard level that has been given a 4-star rating. This level serves as the opening level in the Ruby Pack and is known for its striking golden color scheme. Despite being different from the first level, it is the shortest level in the Map Pack, lasting only 42 seconds.

“Level in a mappack FeelsBadMan”


Gameplay Breakdown

The level kicks off with a brief segment where the player controls a cube at double speed. They will come across a text that says, "OMG thanks for map pack RobTop <3: c." Following this, the player must carefully jump over three spikes and then land on a platform. From there, they need to descend and hit a yellow orb to avoid crashing into spikes. The subsequent section requires the player to navigate over four spikes and make another jump onto a platform. They will then encounter two yellow orbs that must be hit. Afterward, the player will have to execute a series of jumps, hit four blue orbs, and land on a set of yellow pads before clicking on a yellow orb.

In the next part of the level, the player's speed increases to triple, and they must successfully jump over multiple sets of spikes while hitting yellow orbs. Following this, there is a narrow corridor that leads into a dynamic ship sequence. During this sequence, the player must maneuver the ship up and down the screen and pass through portals at the top and bottom. These portals shift the screen to reveal gameplay elements that are positioned both higher up and lower down than what is visible on the screen.


  • The level cannot be copied.
  • The level consists of 3,438 objects.
  • The level has a duration of 42 seconds.
  • It is the first level in the Ruby Pack.
  • It holds the distinction of being the shortest level in the entire Map Pack collection, and it is the only medium-length level in the Map Packs.

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