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Geometry Dash ILLUSION OF SPACE is an Epic Hard Demon level created by OasisX, also known as Oasis, and ItzKiba. This level stands out from others with its incredible effects, vibrant lighting, and stunning backgrounds. Despite the abundance of space-themed levels, Illusion of Space manages to be unique and captivating.

Right from the start, you'll experience a mesmerizing wave effect that sets the tone for the entire level. The fast-paced gameplay is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack, creating an immersive experience. Geometry Dash ILLUSION OF SPACE  strikes a good balance between simpler sections that focus on gameplay, with glowing designs and occasional particles, and more intricate sections with detailed backgrounds. The synchronization of the music and design enhances the overall experience.

Gameplay Breakdown

While the level has many strengths, there are some frustrating aspects to the gameplay. At 13%, you encounter a challenging section that involves switching between a UFO, cube, and ball four times. The timings are extremely tight, especially with the ball, where you can only click within a small space of one block. Missing this precise moment results in failure.

At 26%, there is a cube section that aims to synchronize with the music. Unfortunately, certain game mechanics make it difficult to maintain consistent synchronization.

The wave part at 36% can be infuriating and may lead to some intense frustration. It's not overly difficult to reach the wave section, but passing it is a real challenge. Teleportals are meant to align your movements, but in some cases, they disrupt the flow instead. Timing is crucial, as clicking an orb even slightly early before entering a teleportal causes you to lose momentum and die. The placement of the portals also adds complexity to the wave "spam" sequence, making it hard to achieve consistency.

Reaching the 50% mark is already a significant achievement, as the level becomes more comprehensible and the gameplay more consistent. However, there are still challenges to overcome. The hitbox placements can be problematic, as there are no vertical walls to stop you. Missing a platform can lead to falling into the void, and spikes have invisible hitboxes that can cause unexpected deaths.

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