Geometry Dash Jawbreaker

Geometry Dash Jawbreaker

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Geometry Dash Jawbreaker

Geometry Dash Jawbreaker

Geometry Dash Jawbreaker by ZenthicAlpha/ZenticAlpha/Deadmau5 is a Medium-Hard Demon level rated 10 stars. It is a tough replica of Zobros' Nine Circles. This is one of the very first Nine Circles level remakes that appeared. Because most players perceive this to be a challenging level, it is classified as a Medium-Hard Demon.


The level begins with a cube segment that takes some basic timing but is very straightforward despite a few twists. The player then enters a double speed ship sequence, which is usually regarded as somewhat difficult because to the challenging gravity portals and small spaces, straight flight, and slopes that hurl the player about. The player next enters a ball section, which is highly difficult owing to critical timing, extremely quick clicks, undetectable spikes, and false jump orbs. The cube section will then reappear. The following cube segment is fairly simple, requiring simply the completion of all jump orbs before transitioning into an auto section and half-speed with some blue gravity pads. The music then stops, and the classic Jawbreaker Nine Circles wave portion begins.

Unlike the previous Nine Circles remakes, Jawbreaker has a few tight spaces, a lot of gravity and size adjustments, and a few speed modifications. Along with the tiny half-speed break in the center, the dual parts are the simplest sections of the whole wave. The second part of the wave is extremely difficult due to the insane quantity of size fluctuations, followed by several gravity portals that may rapidly throw the player off. The level comes to a finish with an anti-gravity dual wave sequence. Unlike other Nine Circles levels, this one lacks a signature that states the creator's name or "GG.", as does Figures, which lacks both a signature and an ending message.


  • This is one of the first five Nine Circles levels that were ever constructed.
  • It's debatable if this level is more difficult than Nine Circles.
  • Paradox Breaker is a remake of the original.
  • EricVanWilderman's favorite Nine Circles level is this one.

“Inspired by Zobros. Harder than nine circles? Demon or I cry” - ZenthicAlpha

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