Geometry Dash Nine CircleX

Geometry Dash Nine CircleX

Geometry Dash Nine CircleX

Geometry Dash Nine CircleX

Geometry Dash Nine CircleX

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Geometry Dash Nine CircleX

Geometry Dash Nine CircleX (also known as Nine Circles X) is an Insane Demon collaboration level rated 10 stars, produced by Rustam, Zobros, and ViPriN and certified by MaxiS9. It is, as the name implies, a straight and official sequel to Zobros's original Nine Circles. It is Zobros's last level (he designed the layout) and ViPriN's first Nine Circles level. The song is an Xtrullor remix of the original, Nine Circles.


The first portion is a standard Nine Circles cube with a fire-themed design. This segment is challenging due to the many spikes and fakes. Arrows are shown to direct the gamer in the right direction. It then goes on to a ship portion with a lot of hills and spikes that may be irritating and difficult to navigate. Following there is a ball portion with slanted pillars and orbs. It then switches to a half-speed cube segment.

Following that, the music beat lowers and the player enters a triple speed wave portion with largely narrow gaps. Following that is a brief robot portion before returning to a tiny triple wave. The player collapses like a cube before entering yet another triple-speed wave. Following that, there is a brief mini-cube part with some difficult leaps before returning to wave mode with brief bits of UFO, ball, and robot action. Finally, the wave transforms into a cube before transitioning to a brief straight-fly phase. Following that is a cube labyrinth, followed by four double slow cube jumps. After that, the level concludes with the names Zobros, Viprin, and Rustam.

User Coins

  • The player cannot ignore the first user coin at 12%.
  • The third user coin is located at 35%. You can easily obtain it by jumping at 35%.
  • At the end of each level, the third and final user currency is given. If the player gets all keys, it is given as a reward.
    • The first key is located at 54%. Simply hold the key for half a second like in Ultra Paracosm.
    • 60% is the second key. This key is identical to the first, but it is more difficult because it is in a miniwave.
    • At 65%, the third key is found. You can get it by getting between the obstacles.


  • The level password is 258654.
  • This level has 67,850 items.
  • It has been criticised for its poor gameplay and overall appearance throughout its release. The level has been criticized for its poor gameplay and general appearance. 
    • Noctalium considers it the worst Nine Circles level. Most people agree.
    • JakeSJ declares this the second-worst Nine Circles Level, stating over and over again that he will never reach this level again.

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