Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm

Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm

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Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm

Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm

Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm is an Easy Demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins designed, confirmed, and released by Rulas. It's a reimagining of Paracosm Circles. This game is the first of a series of List of Nine Circles levels known as "Ultra Circles." Ultra Paracosm is regarded as one of the most straightforward Demon levels. This level, unlike other Nine Circles remakes, has a more detailed and colorful design, particularly in the wave section. 2.0 blocks, scale, monsters, and decorations are included.


The level begins with a reasonably straightforward cube segment that has a few gimmicks. Following this, the player moves to a simple ship segment before swiftly moving to a short auto cube and into the epileptic wave. The Ultra Nine Circles levels, on the other hand, feature 10 colors and seem more 2.0-like and updated than the original Nine Circles design. This wave is extremely simple and is often regarded as the simplest of Rulas' Nine Circles remakes. This wave is fairly simple, with the exception of one section at the first dual, because the backgrounds in the Ultra Nine Circles levels are decorated with the same objects as the obstacles, making it difficult to tell what is safe and what is not, but this section was nerfed with a simple dual normal/mini wave. This is used in the described region to confuse the player. The wave eventually transforms into a distinctive cube on the Nine Circles backdrop, which appears in the majority of Rulas' original Ultra Nine Circles levels. It's basic yet unpleasant compared to some of his other levels' cube parts, and then it changes back into a wave. There is a ship gateway towards the end. It barely lasts three seconds, but it is quite aggravating since the player then transforms into a little wave that requires spamming. Following that, the player transforms into a regular wave, followed by a cube. On the screen, the word RULAS can be seen floating.

User coins

The level has three bronze coins that are pretty straightforward to get, with the exception of the second one, which has challenging timing linked with it.

  • The first user coin may be found in the first section of the level. When the level reaches the conclusion of the triple-speed auto portion, the player must leap, skipping the normal-speed portal, and collect the first coin with the word "Amazing!" visible. This is popular in Rulas' stages, where he will place it after the player finds a tough or hidden coin.
  • The second user coin is found following the ball in the mini-wave portion. In this portion, the user coin is directly above the player. The player must make a little input to get this coin since it is purposely placed near a wall that will cause the player to crash.
  • The third user coin appears as a sluggish cube at the end of the level. The coin is hidden within a phony slope. To get it, the player needs merely leap.


  • It is Rulas's very first Demon level.
  • The Ultra Nine Circles series consists of the following levels: Ultra Fairydust, Ultra Circles, Ultra Halcyon, Ultra Fear Me, and Ultra Jawbreaker.
  • More than 15 times, this level has been revised.
  • The level got simpler than endless circles with the latest update, when Rulas nerfed the "rekt zone" at 53%, and is now one of the simplest Nine Circles levels, along with infinite circles.
  • In its wave form, the level features 10 color channels, as opposed to other Nine Circles levels, which have four (like Nine Circles itself).
  • Ultra Paracosm's color pattern is akin to that of Fairydust rather than Paracosm Circles.