Geometry Dash No Limits
Geometry Dash No Limits

Geometry Dash No Limits

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Geometry Dash No Limits

Geometry Dash No Limits is an Epic Insane level created by TheCheeseNugget, also known as Voxicat. It's rated 9 stars and has 3 user coins. The level is all about artistic design and combines different styles from version 2.1 of Geometry Dash. You'll find techno-style mechanisms, modern decorations, cool effects, and a recurring theme of eyes. The soundtrack fits perfectly with the level.

Geometry Dash No Limits Overview

Geometry Dash No Limits is a level that brings together popular elements and blends them in an interesting way. The block design has a mechanical or robot aesthetic, and some obstacles even attack you with smooth movements and lasers. In the background, you'll see monsters and decorations with a cartoony finish, featuring vibrant colors and black outlines.

One of the highlights is the cute cat bossfight. It may seem out of place at first, as it's a giant mecha cat and doesn't quite match the rest of the level's design. However, the art is fantastic, the movements are smooth, and the attacks have impressive effects.

About the Gameplay

0-13%: Geometry Dash No Limits starts in the Crystal Mountains, where you fly on a ship through a mine. The foreground shows the inscription "Another adventure was about to unfold..." (in Russian, it says "A new adventure begins..."). The music speeds up, and you transform into a cube.

13-28%: The level title appears, and now you have to navigate through a crystal factory, avoiding saws and drops of acid. This part is perfectly synchronized.

28-44%: Next, you go through The Furnace. As a spider and a ball, you face obstacles while glowing eyes and a mouth appear in the background.

44-61%: The music speeds up, and a giant eye appears in the background, then disappears, only to be replaced by another eye that follows you. A short cutscene plays, and the boss fight begins.

61-77%: The boss is a giant robot cat named Tabby, wearing a mechanical suit. It can shoot lasers from its hands and mouth, as well as launch saws. At the end of the boss fight, there's an animation showing the player's victory.

77-100%: The final part of the level takes place in Crystal City. You have to dodge lasers shot by the eyes (yes, there are many eyes in this level). After the wave and boat sections, you only need to make a couple of clicks, and...

Level passed!

Fun Tidbits

  • At around 39%, you can spot a Triforce symbol on one of the obstacles, which is a reference to The Legend of Zelda series.
  • At 88%, you can see Boss Tabby's head.

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