Geometry Dash Poltergeist

Geometry Dash Poltergeist

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Geometry Dash Poltergeist

Geometry Dash Poltergeist

Geometry Dash Poltergeist is an Insane Demon level rated 10 stars designed, hack-verified, and released by Andromeda. It's a tough recreation of Nine Circles. The level has notably erratic timings in the first half, along with very tight areas and highly uncomfortable moves, but the difficulty drops drastically in the second half.


The level begins with a basic cube segment that includes a few leaps and tricks. It is followed by a simple ball sequence with a few saw blades and another cube sequence with several jump orbs. During a build-up transition before the drop, recurring blue pads and invisible size portals are put - the first indication of a later upgrade. The player then approaches two spikes, indicating that the beat is about to drop. When the beat lowers, the difficulty increases and the player enters one of the game's most renowned wave parts. Numerous tricky timings, tight places, and fakes are present when played at triple speed.

The first portion focuses on click-control and timing in small places. It also need enough straight-flying skill for the ship phase, which begins at 50%. Following that, the player will enter a half-speed cube segment with the words "TAKE A BREAK." This section has five sets of double spikes that come and disappear randomly.

This is followed by another wave portion, although one that is easier than the first. This part features more broader areas and a forgiving first half, but it ends with a troll-like mini-wave portion through many tight spots.

The level concludes with a simple cube closing at regular speed, a gigantic "GG," and two last yellow orbs. At the conclusion, the letters "ANDRO" may be seen with a quad speed quadruple spike leap.


  • Because of the "cancerous" timings and other various benefits at the start, many people dubbed the update for this level "Cancergiest."
    Many users were irritated by the buff since they were about to complete the level.
  • It has the greatest difficulty differential between the beginning and the wave section. In reality, despite its ridiculously difficult wave, it's also the Nine Circles level with the simplest beginning or "buffer zone" between the wave and the level's initial sequence of portions that don't feature the Nine Circles wave.
  • The "take a break" section (a typical basic cube/ship in the midst of an extremely hard wave) was reproduced in other unrated Nine Circles levels, such as Planet Circles and Amity. This portion was also utilized in Phobos, a notorious mega-collaboration in which Andromeda himself took part.
  • Andromeda has created a more difficult version, "Poltergeist Reborn," in partnership with Pennutoh. 
  • After Andromeda, VoTcHi genuinely defeated the boosted upgrade.
  • A poltergeist is a sort of ghost or spirit that is responsible for physical disturbances such as loud sounds and things being moved or destroyed, according to ghostlore. They are purportedly capable of pinching, biting, hitting, and tripping people. Most poltergeist tales mention the movement or levitation of things such as furniture and silverware, as well as sounds such as pounding on doors.