Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Rebirth
Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Rebirth

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Rebirth

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Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Rebirth

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Rebirth is an Extreme Demon collaboration between FunnyGame and Serponge that has been validated by Moosh. It is, as the name implies, a revival of Sonic Wave. It was supposed to be certified by Mefewe, but since he left the game, Serponge and FunnyGame had to find a new official validator.

Mefewe, on the other hand, revealed on January 1, 2018, that he had sold his Geometry Dash account to AedenGD and granted him access to validate the missing level. As of August 31, 2018, AedenGD has a 29% success rate.


Mefewe received a failure of 98% for his buffed Sonic Wave version, so he asked FunnyGame to make a Sonic Wave remake. This was called AlterSonic Wave. Mefewe began his major project after the level was completed. Many people expected him to quickly verify the level in a few attempts. But he chose to go slow and make it his own project. Sonic Wave Rebirth was a dead level for a long time due to Serponge's inability to choose a new official verifier.

Moosh verified Sonic Wave Rebirth in 3 525 attempts on April 28, 2021. It is currently 37th on demons' list, just ahead of Sonic Wave.


  • 0-8%: This section is made up of a normal speed cube section with several tricky timings. It also includes a short block maze where the player must click at the right time to avoid hitting the blue orb on the second platform.
  • 9-18%: This is a double speed ship sequence with several saw-blades that the player must avoid. You will also encounter constant gravity changes and size changes, with some spikes in between the "slopes".
  • 19-28%: This section turns the player into an extremely short mini cube transition. After being bounced by several gravity plates, the player must hit the gravity orb precisely. The player is then able to transition into a half speed ball section, which is mainly composed of precise timings. Later, the player hits an x1 speed trigger followed by an x2 speed trigger. This makes it more difficult to accurately time gravity changes. The player enters a double mini ball passage, which has spikes on each side. The player must then switch gravity at exactly the right moment to avoid these spikes (similarly to Windy Landscape). To avoid falling to the ceiling, the player must change the gravity immediately after clearing the spikes.
  • 29-41%: This section consists of a difficult triple-speed wave segment with tight spaces and many saw-blades. The player will then enter a mini-wave section that has a number of saw-blades. The player switches to a normal segment of wave with tighter spaces and saw-blades.
  • 42-56%: This section consists of a very challenging mini-wave section in which the player must hold the space button and avoid the platform. The player must barely release the space bar to avoid the spikes. The player then enters a normal gravity portal, with exactly the same gameplay. Next, the player moves on to a wave section that features a fake line trolling and then onto a mini wave section in which the player must click very fast to avoid the saw-blades.
  • 56-65%: This section includes a cube section that the player must spam to hit all of the orbs. The speed slowly changes as the speed increases.
  • 65-77%: The second section is a difficult wave section that has tight spaces and more saw-blades. It then turns into a dual wave, where the player must follow a specific direction to avoid all the spikes and invisible blocks below. Through a gravity portal, the player can turn back into a normal wave and continue to avoid all the blocks, spikes, and saw-blades.
  • 78-87%: The first part consists of a mini-wave section at half speed where the player must avoid the saw-blades and blocks below. The player must then navigate through tight spaces between slopes. The player will then move on to a memory-based cube section, which requires precise timings as well as clear memorization.
  • 88-96%: This last section features a challenging wave section with narrow spaces. It then changes to a mini-wave section which has tight spaces and the same saw-blades. The player then switches to a normal half-speed wave section where they must accurately navigate the small slopes. The player switches to an x2 miniwave where they must spam the words "GG Mefewe", which are blocks made, while being in triple-speed.
  • 96-100%: The player is teleported to a platform that has Cyclic's, FunnyGame's and Serponge names as well as a triple spike. The player can trigger the system to keep it still for a while before jumping over the triple spike. The level ends with the text "In Loving Memory of Rick & Grandpa", and "GG".

User Coins

  • At the end of the first cube segment, you will find the first coin at 8%. 
  • You will find the second coin at 55% in the fourth cube section. 
  • At 98%, the third and final coin can be found in the last cube section.