Geometry Dash Tartarus

Geometry Dash Tartarus

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Geometry Dash Tartarus

Geometry Dash Tartarus

Geometry Dash Tartarus by Riot, ItzDolphy, Aurorus, EndLevel, Cyclic, Hinds, Aquatias, Salaxium, Komp, Azuler, & Vermillion is an Extreme Demon Level rated 10 stars.

From Dolphy's channel: The long journey that worried me a lot. I dropped this level so many times and completed other levels. But recently, I have decided to take this challenge more seriously. Very old and impossible level for that time according to the community opinion was finally verified. That was not as easy as many of you might have noticed. I had a lot of offensive of really stupid fails, including 86%, 88%, 91% and, of course 98%... But even after last fail I didn't give up and didn't lose the hope. And now after 61k of total attempts and long months of verification, I proudly present to all of you my new hardest (and also hardest level at the moment): Tartarus! I really hope you enjoy!

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How to play

  • Press [up] [w] [space] or click to jump and to jump on yellow rings.
  • Avoid the spikes.
  • In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down.
  • Hit a yellow pad to jump high Hit a blue pad to jump higher (missing a gravity portal).
  • For bonus points, collect the coins.
  • Press L to toggle effects (to reduce lag).