Geometry Dash ICE Carbon Diablo X

Geometry Dash ICE Carbon Diablo X

Geometry Dash ICE Carbon Diablo X

Geometry Dash ICE Carbon Diablo X

Geometry Dash ICE Carbon Diablo X

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Geometry Dash ICE Carbon Diablo X

Geometry Dash ICE Carbon Diablo X (commonly abbreviated to ICDX) is an Insane Demon level rated 10 stars designed and hack-verified by Roadbose on May 20, 2014. This game was famous for its number of straight and diagonal flying segments, as well as its previously "impossible" difficulty. It was formerly one of the most difficult levels in Geometry Dash, with its difficulty being likened to Cataclysm upon its introduction until the revelation of Roadbose hacking the level's verification. Riot was the first player to successfully accomplish it.

For a long time, Geometry Dash gamers have debated which of ICDX and Cataclysm is the tougher Demon, and eventually the toughest Demon during their period. However, with the development and genuine verification of Bloodbath (as well as the upgrade to Cataclysm, making it tougher than ICDX), many disputes on this issue were dissolved, since the community now knew which Demon was the most difficult. ICDX is now regarded as one of the most challenging Insane Demons, straddling the line between Insane and Extreme Demon difficulty. It was also the most senior Extreme Demon until Silent Club was rated on April 25, 2021.


The level begins with a brief but challenging cube part with a tricky leap over a sawblade. The player then starts a challenging ship sequence, traversing exceedingly tight gaps and diagonals. It then enters a very small ball with a blue orb on top of a spike. The player then enters a UFO phase, which includes an extremely difficult initial barrier that requires near-perfect time, followed by anti-gravity and a size-portal.

While remaining in small form, it travels via a one-block space through a cube portal. The cube is rather basic, requiring just a few fakes and short leaps. There is a deceptive ship gateway in the cube area that is supposed to murder the player.

The cube segment gets substantially more difficult after traveling through the UFO portal, requiring more expertise. It then transitions into a short UFO phase in which the player must dodge a ship portal before passing through the "demon heads" into another cube area. The ship section that follows is challenging, with one-block spacing and unseen spikes.

A somewhat more difficult mini-cube follows, which goes through a basic UFO part before returning to the cube section. This part transitions into an anti-gravity spacecraft sequence with a narrow diagonal space before reverting to a cube portion with a few obstacles.

Following that is a difficult ball portion involving timed swaps, fakes, and orbs. It then enters an easy mini UFO segment, which is roughly similar to Clubstep initial UFO segment, before transitioning into a hard cube portion, which requires a lot of time and several fakes. It then moves on to a difficult ball part that needs even more timing and memory than previously. Following it, there is a challenging ship sequence comprised nearly exclusively of one-block spaces, followed by a cube with multiple fakes.

A ship sequence identical to the second one follows, which shrinks and enters a semi-tight diagonal section. It returns to being a cube, then a very brief one-switch ball appears and rapidly reverts to being a cube, entering the last section of the level. At 95%, a mini-ship sequence with one-block spaces and standard gravity portals begins, and the player reaches the creator's name and the last one-block space. This section marks the conclusion of the level.


  • On January 4, 2017, the level was ranked #23 on the Geometry Dash Demonlist, above The Ultimate Phase (#24) and below Cataclysm (#22).
  • ICE Carbon Diablo X is the game's 13th former number one.
  • The Lost Existence's placement on July 5, 2019, pushed ICE Carbon Diablo X onto the Demonlist's Legacy List.