Geometry Dash The Lightning Road

Geometry Dash The Lightning Road

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Geometry Dash The Lightning Road

Geometry Dash The Lightning Road

Geometry Dash The Lightning Road is an Easy Demon level rated 10 stars, created, and published by Timeless. It's the last of Demon Pack 3 levels. Many players have found this level to be one of the most accessible in the game, since it has been voted as having a low difficulty level by the Demons themselves. There are a few easy spots throughout the level. The first part of the level is a breeze, consisting of normal-speed cubes. You should have no trouble solving the first cube. After that comes a short ship sequence that requires just a single lengthy input. Following that is a straightforward ball part, followed by a similarly simple cube piece. The risks are laid out plainly, yet the screen periodically goes black.

After that, there's a stretch of easy-peasy ball segments and ship sequences, followed by a cube and ball segment that's only moderately challenging since it needs the player to recall which tunnel to enter. A ship section and a cube sequence round up the latter part of the level. As soon as the player reaches the last section of the cube, they will be able to complete the level without providing any more input. Here's what the final wording says: "Thank you so much! If you get ten stars, have fun!"


Halfway through the third cube portion (assuming the player follows the sequence above), the player may make a mistake and bypass the gravity portal, resulting in a fall through the gap and landing on the earth below. But eventually the gamer will hit a wall and fail at 88%. Another bug occurs after the second ship sequence when the player may bypass the ball portal by flying over it. The ball gateway is now a danger and cannot be used freely thanks to the fix for the flaw that caused it. In the same area, a bug allows the player to enter the cube portal when gravity is pulling them in the other direction.


  • There are 3,527 things to find in this level.
  • The time limit for this stage is 1 minute and 21 seconds.
  • Evaluation of this section was completed on November 22, 2013.
  • One of the first five Demons to be evaluated at the same time.
  • Included in the third Demon Pack with The Nightmare and Crescendo is The Lightning Road.
  • This level is the first to include constantly blinking lights throughout the whole experience.
  • Many players' first successes in the game come from this level or The Nightmare.
  • In Geometry Dash, this is the fourth-hardest Demon level.