Geometry Dash UFOgeist

Geometry Dash UFOgeist

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Geometry Dash UFOgeist

Geometry Dash UFOgeist

Geometry Dash UFOgeist created by player Z3llink is a Hard level rated 4 stars and 2 bronze user coins. This game is the difficult and final (third) level of the UFO Pack. The original Polargeist level has been remade with a new name: UFOgeist. It's basically the original Polargeist, except it's a bit more challenging. The level has been customized for UFO Pack include UFO On Track and UFO Madness. To keep you from flying off the map, there are spikes on top that prevent you from flying over all of the obstacles. And if you wish to fly over the level from below, there are saws beneath the semi-blocks that will prevent you from doing so.


The level begins with a green backdrop, and you must use spheres to hop over little spikes. The backdrop will then gradually become bright green and blue. Then a trampoline emerges, throwing you up, and the backdrop becomes red-pink. You must leap through the spaces between the blocks. We next go to the pink gateway, where the portion with the ship starts. Flying between randomly placed bricks is required. At this point, the backdrop is black, but it will eventually become blue. Following the section with the spacecraft, the section with a UFO on a blue backdrop starts. It is important to ascend the pillars and blocks before descending. Small platforms with spikes on the edges arrive next, followed by a few more spheres and pillars. The backdrop then becomes green. You must drop down from a high platform and continue jumping on spheres and pillars. The level is then completed by jumping between multiple pillars.


  • The first coin is now at 24%. To get it, you must avoid clicking on the third sphere by 22%. The player will reach the point where you must click on the sphere again to collect the currency.
  • The second coin has a 46% chance. You must fly into the bottom corridor, which will be closed with fake blocks, to collect it. You must first acquire the key, or the way to the currency will be closed.
  • The key is located at 43%. You must fly above the top block to get it.