Geometry Dash Way of the Darkness
Geometry Dash Way of the Darkness

Geometry Dash Way of the Darkness

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Geometry Dash Way of the Darkness

Geometry Dash Way of the Darkness is a Medium Demon level created by Neptune. This level is part of the Demon Pack 5 level set, holding the third position. Way of the Darkness has gained significant fame for its complexity, boasting over 2,540,000 downloads and more than 178,000 likes.


It all begins with the cube stage, where you'll need to navigate and jump over spikes, click on spheres while experiencing multiple gravity changes, and alter your size once. Following that is the reduced ship stage, where precise flying is essential to avoid spikes and saws while encountering various gravity shifts.

Next up is the cube stage with the same size. Initially, you'll face disappearing spikes and sphere clicking challenges. However, things get trickier as you encounter a labyrinth of blocks, along with deceptive and crucial trampolines. Prepare for a test of your skill and judgment.

The big ball stage comes next, demanding frequent gravity changes and precise interaction with the correct spheres. Following that is the reduced ship stage, where you must navigate without touching saws, spikes, or obstacles, all while being cautious of deceptive routes.

Prepare for another round of the big cube stage, where you'll need to jump over spikes and click on spheres. The reduced ship stage makes a return, challenging you to fly without any contact with saws or thorns.

Next comes the big ball stage, where you must time your gravity changes perfectly and avoid touching spikes. A brief respite arrives in the form of a smaller cube stage where no action is required.

Afterwards, you'll encounter the reduced ship stage once more. This time, you must fly without touching spikes, saws, and navigate two gravity changes. The ball stage follows, where timing is crucial as you change gravity and interact with the necessary spheres.

The cube stage resumes, requiring you to jump on blocks, click on spheres, and leap over spikes. A ship stage reminiscent of the second ship stage in the official Clutterfunk level comes next. Here, you must skillfully fly without any contact with saws.

Lastly, you'll face the final and rather challenging UFO stage. Navigating this stage successfully entails flying without touching saws or thorns.

Fun Facts

  • Throughout the level, our character remains small in size for the majority of the gameplay.
  • At the 48% mark, there is a combination of four blue spheres that can be completed in two ways: either by clicking on all of them or by jumping in front of them from the pillar without clicking on the second sphere.

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