Geometry Dash Xstep V2

Geometry Dash Xstep V2

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Geometry Dash Xstep V2

Geometry Dash Xstep V2

Geometry Dash Xstep V2 is an Easy Demon level rated 10 stars fixed, offers a number of new level components, such as block designs and pulsators, with new cosmetic additions becoming more common in later levels. It also temporarily adds the blue gravity pad and ring during later phases, making movements more complicated.

Secret coins

  • The first hidden coin may be found at 21% and is collected as the ship. Fly narrowly over a third thorn pit obstacle, lowering slightly to grab the coin before instantly rising to clear an impending building after passing under two pit obstacles.
  • The second hidden coin may be found at 53% and is collected as the ship. Fly down through a crack in the building after entering the tunnel for the second time. Once inside, fly up, take the currency, and leave the structure before the sequence ends.
  • The third hidden coin is found at 59% and is gathered as a cube. Jump once near to the little spike after reaching the third gravity pad. As the cube falls higher, strike a gravity ring to grab the currency before immediately hitting a jump ring to return to the main path.


  • Only xStep, Cycles, and Clubstep award icons when finished in practice mode.
  • Although they are not fully introduced until Clutterfunk, xStep has a little spike that must be hopped over when trying to get the third hidden coin.
  • The second ship sequence is the only one in a primary level that features any form of pad.
  • xStep takes 84 seconds and a minimum of 81 hops to accomplish.

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