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Phasmophobia is a thrilling horror game where you join in a paranormal hunt. Your objective is to search for evidence of ghosts and spirits while using your equipment to identify which ghost is haunting the area. Remember, danger lurks nearby, and you must stay vigilant to survive! Are you up for the challenge?

How To Play

In Phasmophobia, your task is straightforward: identify the type of ghost and ensure your own survival. Here are the game controls:

  • Move: Use the WASD keys.
  • On/Off device: Left-click the mouse.
  • Use device: Left-click the mouse.
  • Action: Press the E key.
  • Open/Close book: Press the I key.
  • Throw device: Press the R key.
  • Install device: Press the F key.
  • Switch inventory: Press the 1, 2, or 3 keys.
  • Review: Use the mouse.
  • Pause: Press the Escape key.

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