Tennis Masters
Tennis Masters

Tennis Masters

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Tennis Masters

Tennis Masters invites you to embark on a journey to conquer the championship trophy and prestigious achievements. Nothing can stop your passion for sports with the variety of gameplay and enjoyable game modes. You can directly participate in the top matches of the virtual world with constantly dramatic experiences.

Players can choose quick matches to get familiar with the character's movements and engaging gameplay. After that, I forgot to participate in single-player mode with epic single rounds and world tournaments. Furthermore, you can also challenge your friends in two-player mode.

The Unique Features

  • Tennis Masters has sporty gameplay and three game modes to suit all audiences and the entertainment desires of many players.
  • You can choose your favorite character without having to fulfill any unlocking conditions.
  • The rules of the game are strict, as winning completely depends on your ability to control the round and score amazing points.
  • Creating clear images with the bustling sound of the stands and the rhythm of cheering makes the fire of your passion awaken.

Control Your Character(s)

  • Player 1: Use the WASD keys to move, the V key to hit, and the B key to smash.
  • Player 2: Use the arrow keys to move, the L key to hit, and the K key to smash.

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