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see more is an online game that features Minecraft-like graphics and offers different game modes for players to enjoy. Each game mode provides a unique experience, including parkour challenges, creative sandbox building, combat battles, and more.

Game Modes

  1. In this mode, your goal is to reach the end of a map within a given time limit. You'll navigate through parkour-style levels, hopping onto blocks of various sizes.
  2. DoodleCube: This mode is similar to drawing games like Players create objects based on given themes, and other users vote on how well their creations represent the given object.
  3. EvilTower: The objective in this mode is to reach the top of the Evil Tower. Like in BloxdHop, you'll use your parkour skills to overcome challenges. This mode draws inspiration from Roblox's Tower of Hell.
  4. Peaceful: Peaceful mode is reminiscent of Minecraft's creative mode. Here, you can freely explore, collect resources, and indulge in building to your heart's content.
  5. CubeWarfare: This mode introduces exciting battles. Engage in third-person shooter gameplay, competing against other players while also utilizing your building abilities.

Game Controls 

  • Movement: Use the WASD keys.
  • Running: Hold Shift or double-tap the W key.
  • Crouching: Press the C, Z, , or Caps Lock key.
  • Chatting: Press T or Enter to open the chat.
  • Shop: Press B to access the shop.
  • Starting commands: Use the / key to initiate commands.

Additionally, in DoodleCube mode, you can place blocks with the right mouse button, destroy placed blocks with the left mouse button, and switch between blocks using number keys or the mouse middle button.


  • /rtv: Vote to skip a map if you're not a fan of it.
  • /players: Check the list of current players in your lobby.
  • /xp: View your level and XP.
  • /played: See how much time you've spent enjoying the game.
  • /nobuffs: Play through maps without any buffs to compete on a separate leaderboard.

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