Cartoon Strike
Cartoon Strike

Cartoon Strike

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Cartoon Strike

Cartoon Strike is where first-person shooting battles become more fun and thrilling than ever! You will experience unique and entertaining combat with clear animated images. Get ready to enter epic arenas, where you will face off against players from all over the world in fiery gun battles. With fast, smooth and extremely engaging gameplay, Cartoon Strike promises to take you for hours of great entertainment.

How to Play

This game is the perfect blend of strategy and action. Each match has unique challenges and gameplay, requiring you to have top shooting skills. Remember that every character you see is your opponent. Pay attention to taking advantage of designs in the terrain to create effective defense and attack strategies.

Additionally, you can customize your character with a variety of outfits and weapons, from rifles and shotguns to sniper rifles, ensuring that you will always stand out on the battlefield. Join an existing room or create your own rounds and invite others to join the gunfight!


  • Use the WASD keys to move.
  • Move the mouse key to aim, and click to shoot.
  • The number keys help you easily switch weapons available in the collection.
  • The Shift key allows you to run faster to quickly approach or avoid enemies.