Cell Machine
Cell Machine

Cell Machine

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Cell Machine

Cell Machine is a strategy defense game where you destroy enemies by arranging cells to build amazing machines. Each cell has a special function that helps you create a strong defense.

In the game, you rearrange cells in the area to create a contraption that attacks and destroys enemy cells. There are seven different types of cells, each with its own unique function. Here are the available cells:

  • Mover: Moves objects in a specific direction.
  • Push: Can be pushed in any direction.
  • Slider: Can be pushed in only one direction and slides that way.
  • Rotator: Rotates adjacent cells by 90 degrees each turn.
  • Generator: Duplicates the cell behind it.
  • Immobile: Cannot be moved but can be duplicated by a generator.
  • Enemy: The cell you need to destroy. Overlapping it with other cells will kill it.

While each cell has a simple function, combining them can create interesting and powerful machines. You can run simulations and edit your build to improve your design. Be careful, though, because your creations can grow rapidly and become hard to control.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to navigate.
  • Left-click to select and interact with cells.

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