Devil Dash
Devil Dash

Devil Dash

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Devil Dash

Devil Dash is a marvelous platform game that challenges players to overcome obstacles and solve unexpected situations. You will fall into closed tunnels with a cube. Your task is to control the character to move through seemingly harmless platforms to reach the door. This exit will take the cube to... another harsh map. The non-existent pitfalls are the challenges you must face. And to explore those obstacles, you must let the character move.

Explore the Appealing Features

  • Devil Dash has simple graphics and vivid sounds in every movement of the character and terrain.
  • The rules of the game are just to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line, but it is not simple to win.
  • 16 challenging gates need to be unlocked one after another, with each part being a specific type of obstacle.
  • The control method is easy when you just need to use the arrow keys to direct all movements of the character.

To Master Your Rounds

The first strategy is to not think too much before starting. Boldly control the cube forward to discover all the dangers. Next, you can rely on the first round to know the obstacles in the remaining levels of the same gate.

Comparable Platform Games

Try Geometry Dash and Level Devil to fully enjoy the appeal of the two games that make Devil Dash so addictive.