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Take part in a digging expedition to see whether you can make it all the way to the center of the earth! Upgrade your equipment in order to dig more quickly and efficiently. I wish you the best of luck in everything! Diggy is a fun digging game in which you must dig as far as you possibly can in order to find a number of valuable treasures. To dig, you must start the drill, which consumes a significant amount of energy. The use of radar can also assist you in locating items in your close surroundings. Make a concentrated attempt to acquire as many treasures as you possibly can before your energy reserves run out completely. Due to the fact that some soil strata are tougher than others, the use of extra shoots may be required in some instances. The day is over when your energy runs out, and you will have the chance to purchase several upgrades to allow you to dig for a longer amount of time the next day. The operation should be repeated as many times as necessary to get the greatest depth possible.

How to play

How To Play Diggy


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