Geometry Dash 8o
Geometry Dash 8o

Geometry Dash 8o

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Geometry Dash 8o

An Insanely Challenging Level with Dynamic Gameplay

Prepare yourself for the intense challenge of Geometry Dash 8o, an Insane Demon level created by Zobros and Etzer. Verified and published by Zobros, this level is rated 10 stars and showcases a diverse range of blocks, including many from the 1.7 version, such as colored blocks and gears. At the start, 8o features a poly-chromatic design with two colors until the drop, after which it focuses on high-speed timings and objects that constantly change colors.

Gameplay Breakdown

The level kicks off with a half-speed cube section that demands precise timing and memorization. If you're familiar with the song, it becomes easier to memorize the cube patterns. As the song builds up to the drop, the cube sequence transitions to normal speed and slows down just before the drop.

After the cube section, players navigate a triple-speed ship sequence, which presents tight spaces, sharp turns, and jump orbs. This is followed by a half-speed UFO segment that requires precise timing. The same ship and UFO sequence repeats, and around 67%, players encounter a slow ship part with a one-block space followed by a length of five normal spikes. The speed then ramps up to triple speed, and gravity changes rapidly, with certain gravity portals designed to confuse players. Another slow UFO segment follows, leading into another triple-speed ship sequence.

Next, players face a half-speed UFO segment with a two-block space, which is the maximum distance a UFO can jump by itself (without orbs). This is followed by a triple-speed ship sequence where players must navigate through less than 0.5 block spaces and invisible ramps. Finally, players enter a normal-speed cube segment where they encounter Zobros and Etzer's names at the end, followed by a challenging triple spike. Failing to overcome the triple spike results in a frustrating death at 98%.


Here are some notable fails by players at or above 80% completion:

  • Joash: 82%, 84%, 88%, 90%, 91%, 92% (three times), and 98% (twice)
  • GuitarHeroStyles: 88% and 98%
  • Mineber: 87%, 92%, and 98%
  • EricVanWilderman: 81%, 82%, 87%, 89% (twice), 90%, and 92%
  • KrmaL: 98% (twice)
  • KennethOfSweden: 98% (twice)
  • LittleBigKilla: 98%
  • LCookie: 98%
  • AaronNew78: 82%, 86%, 89% (five times), and 92%
  • Slypp: 98%
  • Nexus: 98%
  • MobileMaster: 81%, 89%, 92%, 95%, and 98%
  • LuckyCaster24: 87%, 88% (five times), 89%, 90% (three times), 92% (twice), and 96%
  • TitanVulkan (Titan Channel): 89% and 95%

Level's Trivia

  • The password for the level is 147596.
  • The level contains 19,208 objects.
  • An unofficial sequel called 8o X was created by F3lixsram and Yakimaru. However, 8o X is currently on the Legacy List of the Geometry Dash Demonlist.
  • The drop section of 8o is reminiscent of the triple-speed ship sequence in Electrodynamix, featuring a tight tunnel of spikes.
  • The name "8o" is a play on words in English, combining the number "Eight" with the letter "o."
  • Geometry Dash 8o is one of the most popular Insane Demons in the game.
  • Above the last cube section, players can find a "JJ" text formed using blocks.

Other Recommended Games

If you enjoy challenging levels, be sure to check out Geometry Dash Necropolis, an Insane Demon level that was previously considered one of the hardest in the series. Although it has now fallen to an upper-tier Insane Demon, it's still worth experiencing the thrill it offers!