Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

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Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex is a solo Extreme Demon level rated 10 stars created and published by Pennutoh and verified by JakeSJ. It is a very tough Nine Circles-style level with a lot of key timings, unseen portals, and moving obstacles. As a result, the level is regarded tougher than Down Bass. Unlike other Nine Circles remakes, this one has a unique effect that can only be seen in a few remakes, which is a typical electro-styled level, earning the term "Electric Circles."


The level begins with a challenging cube segment filled with gravity shifts and unpleasant timings. A low-detail mode key (dubbed "Lag Killer" in the level) may be found here.

The player then starts a challenging double-speed ship sequence. The backdrop design is similar to that of the original Nine Circles ship. It does, however, feature a moving backdrop and 2.0 ornamentation, followed by a perplexing cube portion that eventually relies on memory due to the abundance of phony lines, portals, and jump pads throughout this area. The gravity changes after the segment, and the words "GOOD LUCK!" can be seen.

The level's most challenging phase, as well as the plummet, begin: the iconic epileptic wave mode used by most Nine Circles levels. There is also a custom backdrop available. (Assuming the Lag Killer isn't turned on.) This wave section has exceedingly small gaps. To add insult to injury, practically all of the slopes are covered with thorny thorns, turning this level into a full wave hell; also, it incorporates stuff seen in certain difficult Nine Circles levels, such as rapid speed shifts, twin portals, wave fakes, and tight spaces.

The wave portion also includes a ball/wave mixed dual inspired by an unrated Nine Circles level named Fox Circles, as well as a buggy, but irritating dual flat-out wave mode. The level concludes with a cube portion filled with triple spikes. Some of the spikes here are shifting, aiming to confound the player and make this section more challenging.


  • The height is 1m 12s.
  • Initially, the level was placed at #4 on Geometry Dash Demonlist Above, March 10, 2017. Sakupen Hell (#5) and Below Artificial Ascent (#3).
    • This addition to the Demonlist brought Crimson Clutter onto the Legacy List.
  • During the wave portion, the Nine Circles color schemes are violet, cerulean sea green, yellow and orange.
  • This level is sync-friendly, as are many Pennutoh levels.
    • JakeSJ created a video shortly before being assigned as Bausha Vortex's verification. It featured his top syncing levels and creators.
  • "Bausha" and "Bauscia", are terms that delineate the most elite social class in Milan.
  • JakeSJ crashed at 98% during verification.
  • This level inspired Hyper Paracosm.
  • Temp Remade the site with ItsHybrid HJfod was called Balengu Vortex.
    • Here, you can find the verification video.
  • This joke remake is known as xetroV ahsuaB. It is Bausha Vortex reversed, optimized to give players a chance to pass an obstacle they can move forward but cannot backward. It was confirmed by zMarc December 30, 2020.
  • Technical displayed a "Bad Transition Counter” in his completion video for this level.
  • Bausha Vortex was placed Abyss of Darkness June 12, 2022.

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