Geometry Dash Hutaolloween
Geometry Dash Hutaolloween

Geometry Dash Hutaolloween

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Geometry Dash Hutaolloween

Welcome to Geometry Dash Hutaolloween! In this game, your objective is to guide a cube through a mesmerizing world filled with hazards like spikes, blades, and pits, all while synchronizing your movements with the fast-paced music. Compete with other players for the top scores on the leaderboards by earning points for successfully dodging hazards and completing each level. 

Geometry Dash Hutaolloween is widely recognized as one of the top 30 difficulty levels, offering a challenge for players seeking excitement and skillful gameplay. This Easy Demon level is rated 10 stars and 3 user coins, created by Gusearth, Sink, KrisKing, SparksOmega, ItzKiba, Crunhc, LaganSB, Straw, and Lev067/Lev (Talia067/Talia)!

How To Play

You have multiple control options at your fingertips:

  • Press the up arrow key, W, or Spacebar to jump and leap onto the yellow rings.
  • Avoid the treacherous spikes that can halt your progress.
  • In ship mode, hold down the designated key to ascend and release it to descend gracefully.
  • Activate your high jump ability by landing on a yellow pad.
  • Propel yourself even higher by landing on a blue pad (without missing a gravity portal).
  • Don't forget to collect the scattered coins for bonus points.
  • To toggle special effects, use press L.

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