Geometry Dash Hydro
Geometry Dash Hydro

Geometry Dash Hydro

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Geometry Dash Hydro

Geometry Dash Hydro is a level in the popular game Geometry Dash. It is rated 7 stars and has 3 user coins, making it a Harder level. The goal of this level is to provide players with new experiences while building upon the original version, and it has achieved some success in doing so.

The design and challenges of Geometry Dash Hydro are based on the original version of the game. However, some players may find it slightly repetitive. To differentiate it from the original, the level includes a few extras, such as hand-shaped instructions that point up or to the right to guide the player in the correct direction.

While the barriers and traps in Geometry Dash Hydro may not be particularly innovative, they are presented in various colors to provide a unique visual highlight to the level. Additionally, passing through portals can frequently change the appearance of the character, affecting its movement.

Players can typically complete this level in around two minutes. It is considered one of the easier levels in the GD Lemons style, making it a great choice for players to try. It also serves as a daily level that helps players develop their basic skills.

Tips and Tricks

  1. In the first wave, you can actually skip the mini portal.
  2. In the robot section, you can time your jumps correctly to avoid tapping both gravity orbs and only use the jump ring.
  3. There is a secret way in the wave section.
  4. In the robot section, be careful to avoid the blue orb.

Who created Geometry Dash Hydro?

Geometry Dash Hydro was created by GD Lemons, a popular level creator from Australia. GD Lemons is well-known for his unique building style and content on his YouTube channel. On his channel, he shares Let's Play commentaries, speed building of levels, a building series of his own, and even some of his music.