Geometry Dash HyperFlux
Geometry Dash HyperFlux

Geometry Dash HyperFlux

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Geometry Dash HyperFlux

Geometry Dash HyperFlux is an incredible level in the popular game Geometry Dash. It is an Epic Easy Demon level with a rating of 10 stars and features 3 user coins. Created by GD Lemons, Geometry Dash HyperFlux is part of the Flux series and is the sixth installment.

The level stands out for its high-quality gameplay, which is surprisingly easy considering its demon rating. The design follows the author's signature basic style, which has earned it a place in the hall of fame.

Gameplay Overview

The level starts with a cube stage where you navigate through blocks, spheres, and walls while avoiding thorns, saws, and spikes. Trampolines will also come in handy. The speed increases, leading to a spider stage where you maneuver along the sides of a tunnel, dodging spikes and saws. The next stage is the wave, where you fly between inclined walls and navigate through tight spaces.

The level then alternates between different stages. You'll fly a ship between mini-spikes, jump on spheres as a cube while avoiding saws, guide a robot across platforms with blue trampolines and green spheres, fly as a wave between inclined walls, and maneuver the ship through spikes. The cube will then fly on a green sphere, the ship and wave stages repeat, the cube jumps over spikes on a platform, and gets thrown around on blue trampolines and occasionally jumps from a blue sphere. It then flies on a purple sphere, leading to the spider stage where you move along walls without touching mini-spikes. The cube jumps from a red sphere, and the wave stage begins.

In the wave stage, you fly between slanted walls, and a spider piece cuts off the middle section. The stage ends with a mini-wave flight. The cube then jumps on spheres while avoiding spikes on platforms, and the spider goes through a similar tunnel as before. Next, as the wave, you navigate between inclined walls and quickly switch between spider and ball forms. You then travel along walls at a height, changing size, using spheres as the cube. The spider goes through the tunnel again, and the ball bounces along walls. The level concludes with cube jumps over spheres.


  • The first coin is located at 31% in the cube stage. To collect it, you need to collect a heart at 15% in the spider stage, which triggers a restructuring of the stage.
  • The second coin is found at 45% in the cube stage. Simply lightly press on the purple sphere to fall between the saws and collect the coin.
  • The third coin is located at 66% in the cube stage. You need to fall slightly beyond the trampoline to collect it. The trampoline moves away only if you collect a heart at 48% in the spider stage.

Watch Out For Bugs!

Around 20% of the level, if you remain in altered gravity during the reduced spider stage without changing to enter the size and wave portals, there is a chance of becoming a wave while remaining in a reduced state, which may lead to a collapse.

Fascinating Details

  1. The soundtrack for the level was composed by Lemons.
  2. Initially, there was a size portal in the 25-27% segment, but Lemons removed it later.
  3. Geometry Dash HyperFlux is considered one of the easiest Easy demon levels created in version 2.1.

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