Geometry Dash Dear Nostalgists
Geometry Dash Dear Nostalgists

Geometry Dash Dear Nostalgists

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Geometry Dash Dear Nostalgists

Geometry Dash Dear Nostalgists is a 2.0 Easy Demon level created by TriAxis. It is rated 10 Stars and features 3 user coins. The level has a length classified as XL, lasting around three minutes. Geometry Dash Dear Nostalgists pays homage to the game's earlier versions, particularly the 1.0 levels, while incorporating 2.0 effects and gameplay elements not found in the original release. TriAxis created this level as a satirical response to "nostalgists" who longed for the game's direction before Update 2.0.

Gameplay Breakdown

Geometry Dash Dear Nostalgists begins with a cube part that includes two jump orbs and a spike jump. Players then navigate a slope and enter various game mode portals that synchronize with the music. This is followed by an easy mini-robot section with minor jumps. A ball segment comes next, where players must change gravity twice to avoid spikes and enter a ship portal with moving objects. An easy UFO part with some spamming and a straightforward wave part follow.

The pre-drop section starts with a challenging ship segment featuring teleportation portals and tight spaces. Players then encounter a unique robot section with diagonal platforms. The last part before the drop is a ball section with three minor timings. The drop itself contains various game modes, including cube, ship, UFO, wave, and robot, with one or two timings per part. The order of the game modes is cube, ship, UFO, wave, cube, ship, ball, robot, cube, ship, and wave. An auto part follows the drop.

Next, players face a one-jump UFO part, a cube part with two easy jumps, and a ball part with tight spike formations. An auto UFO part, a jump with the cube, and a ship section with an upward flight lead to a stage displaying the word "YEAHHHHHH!" A cube-cube/cube-robot part with green orbs and side-readable jumps follows, ending with a ship-ship part and an easy straight fly. This is succeeded by a cube part with orbs, a short but easy ball part, and a tricky UFO section with misaligned spikes. A robot part with two jumps comes next.

Another unique part with appearing platforms and a mini-cube section follows. A ball part with challenging timings for beginners is next, followed by the mini-cube segment again. A wave part is followed by a UFO part with a similar spike layout. An easy ship part with spikes is next, leading to a difficult cube/robot part with confusing platforms and precise timings. An easy and slow ship part with excellent music synchronization ensues. A ball part with a layout similar to the cube/robot section is next, followed by a very easy cube/robot part that is mostly auto.

After leaving the robot part, players encounter an easy wave section with spamming. Another slow robot-auto part leads to what many consider the best part of the level: a ship section where players must dodge purple speed changes. The blocks in this part have depth and 3D shadows. A long auto section follows, with the pre-drop section replaying and requiring cube, ball, UFO, wave, and robot timings. The second drop is similar to the first in terms of gameplay, with one jump per segment to survive the game mode madness. The final part is a ship sequence where the level's name, creator, and "gg" appear, concluding with a one-block straight fly that marks the end of this three-minute 2.0 Demon.

User Coins Location

  • The first coin is located at 30%. Players must jump before touching the jump pad to collect it.
  • The second coin can be found at 56%. To collect it, players need to jump right before the green jump orb.
  • The third and final coin is located at 86%. To collect it, players must hold before touching the jump pad, triggering the appearance of a "nice!" message.

Bugs Note

  • At 1%, there is a possibility of crashing at the gravity portal.
  • At 22%, there is a bug that allows skipping the triple speed change, rendering the level impossible to complete after the beginning of the cube part. This can be fixed by holding right at the start of the auto gravity pad part.
  • Leaving the wave section too late at the drop will cause players to land in spikes.
  • At 93%, there is a chance of crashing in the ball segment.

Interesting Facts About the Level

  • The password for the level is 1905.
  • The level contains 26,711 objects.
  • This level showcases all non-dual 2.0 and earlier game modes in less than 10%.
  • It was created as a joke by TriAxis.
  • There is a troll secret way around 85% where players can jump and skip the jump pad, leading them to what appears to be a secret way. However, a wall with the words "NICE TRY"will appear, resulting in an unavoidable death.
  • On April Fools Day 2019, this level was ranked #3 on the Geometry Dash Demonlist, with the "verification" video being a video from TriAxis titled "I'm a girl".

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