Geometry Dash P0RTAL
Geometry Dash P0RTAL

Geometry Dash P0RTAL

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Geometry Dash P0RTAL

Geometry Dash P0RTAL, created by Minesap, is a Hard level rated 4 stars and featuring 3 user coins. It is the second level in the Laser Pack and draws heavy inspiration from the game Portal by Valve Corporation. The level incorporates various elements from the original Portal game, including the Sentry Turret, Portal, Companion Cube, and more.

Gameplay Breakdown

Chamber 1: This chamber serves as a tutorial, introducing concepts such as moving doors, teleportation, and gravity changes.

Chamber 2: In this section, players must perform simple jumps while being cautious of the Sentry Turret's projectiles. The turret will greet players with a "hello" after firing. Completing this chamber involves pressing a red button to open the door.

Chamber 3: This chamber introduces a ship sequence and a Green Sentry Turret, which fires green projectiles that do not harm the player. Players must navigate through the chamber, being mindful of two Sentry Turrets marked with an exclamation point. There is also a brief anti-gravity ship sequence before completing the chamber.

Chamber 4: This section introduces the mini robot mode, requiring players to time their jumps carefully. Once completed, the chamber is finished.

Chamber 5: The Companion Cube is introduced in this chamber. Players must trigger the cube by approaching a "button" that opens a door. Afterward, players are teleported to an easier section before completing the chamber.

Chamber 6: The final chamber presents a significant challenge with red moving blocks that can cause players to crash. However, these blocks can also be used as jump pads. Players will encounter GLaDOS, who will greet them with the words "STILL ALIVE?" The level concludes with the level's name.

User Coins Info

Geometry Dash P0RTAL contains 3 user coins, with the third coin requiring a key to unlock:

  1. The first user coin is located at 14% in the first chamber. Players must step on a red button before collecting the coin, as the door will not open otherwise.
  2. The second user coin is located at 39% during the first ship sequence. It can be obtained by flying over a green Sentry Turret, being cautious of a nearby wall.
  3. The third and final user coin is obtained by collecting a key located at 64% in the fourth chamber. After being teleported, players must navigate a few simple jumps to obtain the key. The last user coin can be collected by passing through the "O" in the PORTAL logo at the end of the level.


  • The level is free to copy.
  • It contains 11,173 objects.
  • Geometry Dash P0RTAL is the second level in the Laser Pack.
  • The level draws heavy inspiration from the game Portal by Valve Corporation.

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