Geometry Dash PG Clubstep
Geometry Dash PG Clubstep

Geometry Dash PG Clubstep

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Geometry Dash PG Clubstep

“Much easier than clubstep! Enjoy!”


Geometry Dash PG Clubstep, created by PG1004, is a very Hard Demon level with a rating of 10 stars. This level is a buffed remake of RobTop's official level Clubstep and is the third and final level in Demon Pack 11. It requires a lot of memorization and precise flying in the ship mode. Due to the heavy amount of memorization required, it is considered one of the most disliked levels in the Map Pack.

Versions and Community Reception

  • Version 1: The level was first uploaded by PG1004 on April 19, 2014. At the time, it was considered very hard and even labeled as impossible by some. It showcased the skill of PG1004 and was eventually featured in Map Packs.
  • Version 2: On December 23, 2014, PG1004 updated the level, fixing a bug and making it even harder. The community strongly disliked this version and criticized the buffs, considering it one of the worst Map Pack levels.
  • Version 3: PG1004 buffed the level again in an attempt to rank it in the Top 50 of the Demonlist. This decision received significant backlash, with concerns that it would no longer be suitable for Map Packs. However, PG1004 later nerfed the level due to its difficulty.
  • Version 4 (Current version): After being nerfed, the level is now a Hard Demon. Although it is still disliked by many, it is considered the hardest Map Pack Demon. It features some elements from the 2.1 update, such as the "on death" trigger and moving text pop-up.

Gameplay: Challenging Sections and Secrets

Geometry Dash PG Clubstep is divided into several sections, each presenting its own set of challenges:

0-24%: The level begins with a difficult cube section, followed by jumping on invisible platforms that require timing and memorization. There is also an alternative route inside a cat's body.

24-42%: The player enters a challenging ship sequence, maneuvering between monster mouths and avoiding invisible spikes. This is followed by a relatively easier cube section.

43-63%: An easy ball segment where the player must memorize the location of fake ground spikes and hit the correct orbs. Transitioning to the ship mode, they navigate through obstacles and spam at the last part of the UFO. A break is provided with an easy cube section, but there is also a hidden secret.

64-78%: The player faces a difficult ship sequence with straight flying, memorization, and precise timing. This is followed by another UFO segment and a challenging ship sequence with tight passages and invisible spikes.

79-100%: The final stretch includes an easy cube segment to catch a breath before the last ship section. Flying through a tight passage and a "THANKS" text made of blocks, the player descends, enters a cube portal, and finishes the level on a pink pad.


  • The level's password is 003080, and it consists of 9,702 objects. Its length is 1 minute and 27 seconds.
  • Geometry Dash PG Clubstep is known for its difficult ending, which often leads to frustration among players.
  • PG1004, the creator, expressed frustration with the level after failing at 97%.
  • The level features both sad and happy faces made of arrows, depending on the player's progress.

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