Geometry Dash Pumped Up Kicks

Geometry Dash Pumped Up Kicks

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Geometry Dash Pumped Up Kicks

Geometry Dash Pumped Up Kicks

Geometry Dash Pumped Up Kicks is an Extreme Demon mega-collaboration with a rating of 10 stars, hosted and published by Quiken and verified by GuitarHeroStyles. A challenging crossing and the use of other tones in addition to the level define the long-duration level.


  • There are 188,752 items in the level.
  • It lasts for 3 minutes and 55 seconds.
  • On July 5, 2019, the level was first listed as #128 on the Demonlist, below Duelo Maestro (#127) and above Sky Tech (#129).
  • The American shooting at Columbine High School served as the inspiration for the song's title.
  • Foster the People's song of the same name served as the source of the level's name, "Pumped Up Kicks."
  • Coins were supposed to be in the level until Quiken deleted them.
  • Only two areas of the level have been changed, despite the level's reintroduction in 2.11. These are JonathanGD and GuitarHeroStyles.
  • JonathanGD decided to use a decoration that was originally made for BuTiTi III on this level instead.
  • Only a few hours after the level's publication, Nexus was the one who finished it the quickest.
  • Pumped Up Kicks was removed from the Demonlist's Legacy List on October 16, 2019, after The Hell Bird was placed there.

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