Geometry Dash Running in The 90s

Geometry Dash Running in The 90s

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Geometry Dash Running in The 90s

Geometry Dash Running in The 90s

Geometry Dash Running in The 90s is an solo Easy Demon level rated 10 stars and 1 user coin, created, verified, and published by DanZmeN. The first part of the level is a double speed cube portion that alternates between small and huge cubes a few times, followed by a double-speed ship sequence before entering the drop. Then, with a sprinting figure in the backdrop, the player enters a quadruple-speed wave portion. The next portion is a mirrored cube. A little ball segment with a fire motif is next, followed by a mini spider segment. The next segment is a twin mini-ball section, easier than the one in Sonic Wave.

The player then enters a rainbow-themed ship sequence, a UFO portion, a dual cube section, a dual cube/ship section, and finally a ball segment. Following an animation of a ship crashing into blocks, a ship sequence with a rainbow theme will appear. The level concludes with an animation of a running.


  • The level lasts for 1 minute and 25 seconds.
  • Running in the '90s, a popular meme song, is the tune for this level. However, it was recently taken down from Newgrounds, most likely for copyright issues.
  • This used to be a Medium Demon difficulty, but DanZmeN nerfed it to make it an Easy Demon since that's what he intended.
  • The name of this level is shown as "Running in the 90s" because an apostrophe cannot be used in the level name (without the apostrophe).