Geometry Dash Shock

Geometry Dash Shock

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Geometry Dash Shock

Geometry Dash Shock

Geometry Dash Shock is an epic harder level rated 3 user coins and 6 stars, created and published by Danolex. It is known for its many speed changes. This is the fourth level in the Fire Gauntlet,  also the most liked and played Harder level in the game.


  • 0-34%: A cube section starts the level. There are many jumps and other orbs in the cube. It then changes into a ship section, where it speeds up. Then it returns to a cube that has many speed changes. It transforms into a ship equipped with gravity portals, and a section of an auto cube that is half-speed.
  • 35-61%: After the screen fades to black, it transitions into a slow cube section that has many jumps and orbs. The cube then transitions into a short section with speed changes that are in sync to the music. The cube then ends with a staircase that moves at a rapid pace and then it goes into auto until it drops.
  • 62-100%: It starts with a fast UFO section that changes in size and opens up to gravity portals. The screen then switches to a similar section of a ship for a few sections. As the screen turns black, the screen displays the word "LOL" and then it switches to a cube section. Then it becomes a ball. Finally, the level ends with a robot jumping over a large spike.

User coins

  • Coin 1: The player must land on the platform to receive the coin.
  • Coin 2: The player must jump an additional 55% to get the key in the air. At 58%, the coin is free.
  • Coin 3: To get the coin, the player must first drop to a hidden platform.


  • The level pass for 200019.
  • This level has 18,609 objects.
  • Although the level measures 56s in length it appears as 1m 1s because of an extra half speed portal that was placed outside bounds.
    • This Gauntlet level is the shortest and shortest. It measures less than 1 minute.