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HexGL is a thrilling and fast-paced futuristic racing game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Your objective is to clear the track as quickly as possible. Get ready to experience high-speed action like never before.

How To Play

In HexGL, you take on the role of a renowned pilot who possesses the remarkable ability to drive any vehicle in the world. You have been approached by a special group seeking a test driver for their groundbreaking invention. This vehicle is unlike anything you've driven before, capable of reaching mind-blowing speeds exceeding 1,000 km per hour. Be careful, though, as damaging or crashing your car can hinder your progress.

Use the arrow keys to navigate your vehicle and the A/D keys to execute precise air brake turns. Keep an eye out for the blue arrows scattered along the road—they provide a much-needed speed boost to help you gain an advantage. However, be cautious not to collide with the edges too frequently, as it will result in the destruction of your vehicle.

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