Om Nom Run
Om Nom Run

Om Nom Run

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Om Nom Run

Om Nom Run is an exciting running game that takes place in the tough streets of Nomville. Your goal is to overcome challenges in each level to succeed. Luckily, there are special items and rewards to help you along the way. The game features beloved characters Om Nom and Om Nelle from the Cut The Rope series.

How to Play

Dodge obstacles and collect coins

  • Move left and right to avoid obstacles.
  • Jump over or duck under obstacles.
  • Each level has different challenges, like reaching a specific distance, performing stunts, or collecting orbs.
  • You receive a star rating for successfully completing each level.

Pick up power-ups

  • Keep an eye out for power-ups while sprinting through dangerous situations.
  • Power-ups include magnets, rocket boosts, and double coins.
  • These special items give you advantages during the game.

Unlock new characters

  • Use the coins you've collected during your street running adventures.
  • Purchase new characters from the Nomville universe.
  • You can also get stylish outfits for your characters.

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