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Sandboxels is a free browser game where falling pixels ignite endless creativity. Simulate heat, chemistry, electricity, and more with 500+ elements, crafting explosive experiments or tranquil ecosystems. Dive in and discover! Unleash your inner scientist and artist.

Imagine a canvas where sand grains morph into swirling galaxies, chemical reactions bloom like fireworks, and ecosystems hum with pixelated life. That's the world of Sandboxels, a free falling-sand simulator that lets you paint with the elements and sculpt your own digital universe. More than just falling pixels, Sandboxels is a playground for scientific exploration and artistic expression. With over 500 unique elements at your fingertips, from bubbling lava to slithering snakes, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Craft a Living Canvas

  • Simulate real-world phenomena: Watch water freeze, sand dunes shift, and chemical reactions burst into vibrant displays.
  • Experiment with electricity: wire-up circuits, spark lightning, and power contraptions of your own design.
  • Cook up pixelated feasts: Combine ingredients to create culinary masterpieces, watch yeast rise, and even build a miniature pizza empire.
  • Nurture living ecosystems: Introduce plants, animals, and microorganisms, observing how they interact and evolve in your own simulated biosphere.

Sandboxels is more than just fun, it's educational! Ready to dive into the sandbox? Sandboxels is completely free to play in your browser. Simply grab your mouse or touchscreen, pick your elements, and let your creativity flow!

How to play



Draw pixelsLeft Click
Erase pixelsRight Click
Pick elementMiddle Click
Pause simulationSpace or P
Intensify effectShift + Heat/Cool/Drag/Mix/Shock/Smash
Draw lineShift + Click
Change cursor sizeScroll or +- or []
Cursor size 1Shift + -
Cursor size +15Shift + +
Change category←→
Select by nameE
Element infoI or /
Open settings\
Open savesL
Open Mod ManagerM
Reset canvasR
Single step>
FullscreenF or F11
Normal view1
Thermal view2
Basic view (No effects)3
Smooth view (Low performance)4
Hide CanvasH
Toggle GUIF1
Capture screenshotC or F2
Paste Image or Load Save FileCtrl + V or Drag & Drop
Close menu or clear logsEsc
Toggle Replace mode;


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